About Altus Assessments

Altus Assessments Inc provides efficient and cost effective online applicant screening services for academic programs admissions departments (allied health, education, law, business schools etc.) looking for a proven method to pre-screen for personal characteristics and professionalism of their applicant pool.

Our primary tool is the online CASPerâ„¢ test, delivered at takecasper.com. With little cost, or administrative burden, our tool helps programs find holistically better students while reducing effort and cost applied to ineffective tools like standard interviews, reference letters and personal statements.

The CASPerâ„¢ test was developed starting a decade ago for for McMaster University, and has been used by to screen over 70,000 medical school applicants to date with good test reliability and predictive powers. The test is not health care specific, but rather uses everyday scenarios in the form of situational judgement testing to evaluate for universally useful skills like communication, collaboration, advocacy and judgment.

For 2016 admissions, Altus assessed 33% of all US Medical School applicants and 50% of all Canadian Medical School Applicants. We expect to also assess 5-6000 Canadian Nursing applicants.

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